9 Reasons Why I Love Oriya Weddings

There are infinite reasons to love an Oriya Wedding, but here are my Top 9 Reasons Why I Love Oriya Weddings: 1. There is AMAZING food Oriyas take their food super seriously. While north indian wedding planning begins with the hunt for the perfect lehenga, and south indians first make sure they've got their jewellery in place, Oriyas first ring up all [...]

Just in Time - Profiles of the Punctual and the Not-So-Punctual

1. The one you can be assured always reaches before anyone, and before time The over-enthusiastic cutlet who probably starts thinking about what they're going to wear when the plan gets (finally) crystallised after a rather-democratic-heated-debate (on location, cuisine, time, etc.) on your whatsapp group. They will also post on said whatsapp group a coup[...]

"I will start exercising from Monday / tomorrow"

BO, much like many others has the well-meaning, honest, much required (read: urgent non-negotiable) intention of meaning to "start exercising regularly". Now, she had mostly been one of those exercisers who could eat a pack of chips "guilt free" but only because they knew they have a HIIT workout coming up the next morning and that justifies stuffing yoursel[...]

How Life Changes When You Get Married

When you go from a single and happening young girl in the city  (read: top viewer+fan of Romedy Now) to a newlywed who has to live with a BOY, you may need to make certain lifestyle changes. Now, the media (particularly Times of India - you know what we're talking about) has one imagining being a newlywed means, tons of family obligations (great time to u[...]

Favourites! | Portrait Photographer Delhi, Gurgaon

Day 6/F of the A to Z Blogging Challenge is here!!! Disclaimer: Nobody sent this list to BO. She made up random questions herself and answered them herself. Much like childhood games. Here goes... 1. Favourite Food: Anything with chocolate  You see chocolate was somehow wired into BO's DNA. Her introduction starts with her affinity to chocolate. Thi[...]

Equipment Every Photographer Needs

  Today's letter is E, and this is the hottest photographer topic out there - so here goes my version. This post is not actually about what every photographer needs - because every photographer will have different needs basis their area of specialisation, their style and preferences. So this post really is about equipment I need for almost every shoo[...]