Daily Commute in the Delhi Metro

Daily commute. Two words which can inspire much fear/irritation/feelings of oh-not-again in most work-from-office folks, who, as is obvious from the phrase, commute daily. When BO (BlogOwner, for the uninitiated) was a hot-shot daily commuter, consumer of breakfast on the go, stilettos clicking away on the granite covered metro station floors kinda gal, BO s[...]

Can You Do It All?

No. Seriously. No. Stop already. You've got to pick, sweet reader. You've got to prioritise, choose what's really important to you and not what the world conditions you to believe is important for you. Trying to do everything all at the same time is like trying to eat full serving portions at a buffet in a 5 star hotel. There are thirty things on di[...]

Behind the Scenes | An Introduction to The Person Behind This Site

BO (that's BlogOwner, the owner, curator, photographer, writer, producer behind this blog and site - for the uninitiated), is taking this post to introduce you brilliant readers to herself and do a little backstory here. BO was born on a warm, October Wednesday morning (let's please assume it was a beautiful day, okay? Okay.) in 1989 and since then she's [...]

A REAL day in the life of a work-from-home photographer

With all the articles out there on the differences between work-from-office and work-from-home, it was time that the owner of this blog, BlogOwner ("BO") emerged and settled the matter (for herself). Working from home has two components - the working bit, and the home bit. Lets see how the average REAL day pans out in the world of this photographer trying to[...]

Maternity Photography Delhi, Gurgaon, Maternity Photographer Gurgaon, Delhi | Tanushree and Aditya's Maternity Photo Shoot

This maternity photo shoot was a super personalised photography session. Tanushree and Aditya met at IIT, Delhi - that's where they got to know each other. Now, 10 years post college and many years post wedding, while expecting their first baby, they chose to get their maternity photography session done at their beloved alma mater - IIT Delhi! This was on[...]