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Wedding Saree for Malayali Bride | South Indian Wedding Sarees, Kerala Bridal Sarees | LookBook - Aathira's Wedding Day!

Editor’s note: This post has to begin with an Oh.My.God, what a resplendent, gorgeous, glowing, heavenly, ethereal [add similar adjectives here] bride Aathira made on her wedding day! From her saree, to her jewels, to her make up, to her uber fancy hair - every thing was spot on, and totally envy worthy. Here's the post where she shares the details of the pr[...]

Candid Wedding Photographer Delhi | Sneak Peek: Shouryendu and Neelu

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of shooting a day full of festivities on the engagement of Shouryendu and Neelu - in Bhubaneswar! The day started off with the Nirbandha ceremony at Vishnu Mandir, Sahid Nagar, followed by a lunch reception at Mayfair. Here are a few preview images from the day. Here comes the bride... Moments in between  [...]

What to Wear on Mehendi, Dakshina |LookBook - Aathira's Dakshina

Editor’s note: We are back with another post from a very beautiful, and very candid bride on her preparations of her big day! In our LookBook series, we'll be covering two of her looks - her look for her pre-wedding function (Dakshina and Mylanchi) and her gorgeous wedding day look. In this post, we've asked her about her Dakshina day outfit and look. She ma[...]

Candid Wedding Photographer Delhi | Vatsala and Adithya – Part 5

Candid Wedding Photographer Delhi | Other posts in this series: Part 1 (Sangeeet), Part 2 (Sangeet), Part 3 (Haldi), Part 4 (N. Indian Style Wedding). View the highlights of this wedding in the gallery here. This part is not about any wedding function, but about a small, quiet dinner involving the bride, the groom and their immediate family, right befo[...]

Candid Wedding Photographer Delhi | Vatsala and Adithya – Part 4

Candid Wedding Photographer Delhi | Other posts in this series: Part 1 (Sangeeet), Part 2 (Sangeet), Part 3 (Haldi). View the gallery here. This one is all about the North Indian style wedding. This wedding was conducted in the Arya Samaj format, but had elements of traditional North Indian weddings such as the jai mala and pheras. A short and succint [...]

How to Choose a Candid Photographer for Your Wedding

So the dates for your wedding/ engagement are fixed and you're ready to start researching (read: looking at profiles of zillions of) vendors and finalising them one by one. One of the most important services you'll be availing of for your special event would be the candid photographer/ contemporary photographer. This person would be responsible for not ju[...]

Candid Wedding Photography Delhi | Aathira and Vikram – Part 3

See Part 1 here and Part 2 here. View the wedding gallery here. This part is all about the ceremony itself. The ceremony in its entirety (from the bride being received by her family members until completion of the wedding and guests queuing up for photographs) took about half an hour tops. I was photographing and running around the mandap so I lost track [...]