Day 6/F of the A to Z Blogging Challenge is here!!!

Disclaimer: Nobody sent this list to BO. She made up random questions herself and answered them herself. Much like childhood games. Here goes…

1. Favourite Food: Anything with chocolate 

You see chocolate was somehow wired into BO’s DNA. Her introduction starts with her affinity to chocolate. Things made of chocolate have to be hidden from her for them to survive post 8 pm on a weekday. True story.

2. Favourite Time of the Day: When It’s Time to Shoot!

Duh! Okay, honestly, depending on if I’m shooting indoors or outdoors, and the weather, this can literally be any time. Whenever there’s a right mix of light, breeze, sullenness in the sky and beauty in the leaves out there – it’s time.

3. Favourite Software: Adobe Lightroom CS

Again, a pretty duh response (BO really shouldn’t have set the questions herself). DRBP’s poorer but faster cousin, Lightroom! BO’s happy place. A place where you can tinker and tweak. Non-destructive changes, and magical noise reduction – all things happy indeed! A bulk of BO’s editing and production work takes place on this platform and it’s her sweetheart.

4. Favourite Lens: Any 50 mm prime

BO is a prime lens nazi. Her favourite focal length is 50 mm. She can shoot anything, anything with that focal length. She currently uses the Canon 50 mm f/1.4 – her most used lens.

5. Favourite Piece of Gear (apart from Lenses): Reflector

Magically convert poorly light areas into beautifully, dreamily lit spaces – opt for a gorgeous reflector! Even sheer white curtains work perfectly when working in-studio. Anything that softens and reflect natural light!

6. Favourite Clothes Store: Lifestyle

BO is not much of a shopper (can almost hear TH scoffing at that). She goes in, picks what she likes and BUYS. She’s not one of them go-check-try-wonder-debate-send selfies to girlfriends-try-again-DONT BUY kind of girls (you know who they are). Shopping trips with her are not really agonising. Lifestyle happens to be a place which stocks most of her favourite-fitting clothes. So when in rush, go to Lifestyle.

7. Favourite Store: Any store with gadgets

A hidden side of BO is that she is quite the tech geek (not the coder kinds, just the enjoyer of tech things kind). Many hours at airports… waiting (and BO has to wait a LOT given her propensity to land up for her flight hours in advance (a trait which causes TH much agony))… have been spent at Croma just ambling around, spending minutes, hours just looking at and using products. Sales people give up their hope of selling any thing to BO within the first 15 minutes of her walking in (that’s how long it takes to discount her as a serious customer) – she moves from phones to laptops to computer accessories within minutes (clearly not a serious buyer – why would any one stare at a usb jack for more than 2 minutes if they don’t need it?), but well, your BO, sweet readers, does just that.

8. Favourite App: Apple Music!!!

Intelligent readers and fellow iPeople, please do yourselves a favour and subscribe to Apple Music! It’s the besttttt. It’s all good things rolled into one. Seriously. Just get it. BO used to be one of those people who’d spend thousands every month on eating out, but would secretly log on to at midnight and download all the trashy bollywood songs out there. She’d spend countless hours listening to (and trying, and failing miserably) to shadily record music off of youtube. Until….. she discovered Apple Music. For 120/month (it’s just that much y’all!) she got unlimited access to ERRRRRTHINGGG ever. Including trashy bollywood music. Now it’s all on her iTunes, neatly organised and plays without lag/ads/anything annoying like that. Thank you Apple, you make BO’s world go round.

9. Favourite Instagram Filter: Crema

Random entry. But now you know.

10. Favourite Thing To Do: Having Tea

This is rather random, you say, but not to BO. The ritual of Having Tea denotes all things good with life. Tea is often accompanied with a fun conversation, or a good book, enjoying a cloudy day, a breezy evening, or just the act of “doing nothing” which, actually is BO’s favourite thing to do. Those who Have Tea totally know what this is about.