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Don't Disappear From Your Own Family Album and Family History

When kids grow up, they desperately want to see pictures of the family as a whole, the way in which they lived, their stories. They want to know individual stories and would like to know how their parents looked and behaved. Seeing family pictures forges a strong sense of connection and belonging in children. It inculcates a sense of pride and togetherness. [...]

Family Photography Delhi, Child Photography Gurgaon | Alisha and Family

This family photography session was one which was gifted by my client Shikha (see her super adorable son's birthday party here), Shivani's sister to her and her family. This was a child and family photography session where I the pleasure to photograph a little girl who can only be described as the most adorable, adventurous, curious, fearless, nature-loving,[...]

Baby Photographer Gurgaon, Baby Shoot in Delhi | Tejveer at 3 months

Tejveer was as adorable as a 3 month old could be. Wide eyed, curious and surprisingly responsive, he was the proverbial bundle of joy! With such young babies, it's often difficult to get them to respond or interact with others, as they're still too young to perceive much. However, this tiny, precocious baby, was so interactive (and luckily also responsive t[...]

Baby Photographer Gurgaon, Baby Photo Shoot Delhi | 3 Month Old Baby

This baby photo shoot session with teeny weeny little Tejveer in Gurgaon was a power-packed session with oodles of cuteness. Tejveer was one of the youngest babies I've had the joy to tickle and photograph - he was a precious 3 month old infant. However, that did not stop him from being an absolute rockstar baby with tons of cute expressions and smiles. [...]

Baby Photographer Gurgaon, Baby Photographer Delhi | Reyansh Turns One!

First birthdays are special. First birthdays are when parents celebrate their greatest blessing and also their struggles to get to this point. Commemorating a first birthday with a special, professional shoot is not only a fun way to add to your celebrations, but to also guarantee memorable, super cute photographs of your little munchkin. This particular [...]