1. The one you can be assured always reaches before anyone, and before time

The over-enthusiastic cutlet who probably starts thinking about what they’re going to wear when the plan gets (finally) crystallised after a rather-democratic-heated-debate (on location, cuisine, time, etc.) on your whatsapp group. They will also post on said whatsapp group a couple of times post said plan-crystallisation and pre-plan with comments like “yeay!! Saturday is almost here” and “can’t wait to meet everyone tomorrow!!” (posts which most often serve as a reminder to the rest of the group that there in fact is a plan they have committed to. Naturally, they will also be the ones who land up 5-10 minutes before any one else and end up giving directions to the rest of the gang.

2. The one who delays everyone

When people travel in groups, risk of group delay on account of individual delay is an inherent risk. This character is most often seen at weddings. One girl will delay the entire gang, because obviously “we can’t just leave her in this room and walk 10 feet down the hallway to the banquet hall where the bride and our best friend has been waiting (and angrily texting us) since forever“. That one missing safety pin, one darned earring stopper, that ONE little pleat which JUST WON’T fall in place, results in a gang of 6 perfectly intelligent women getting late and attracting the ire of their best friend.

3. The one who encourages everyone else to take more time so that she is “not late”

The closet delayer. They’re the sorts who encourage the earring-stopper-loser to continue looking for their earring instead of just offering them a spare pair of earrings (lets be honest, who here doesn’t carry at least 2x the pairs of earrings that are actually needed for the function(s)?!). Secretly, they’ll be perfecting their foundation or fixing their last pleat while announcing side by side “girls, I’m ready!” but not taking any selfies. The true test of total readiness is when the selfie craze starts (which is also one of the reasons for delay under point 2).

4. The whatsapp quizzer

This one keeps messaging on the whatsapp group things like “where have you reached?” “has anyone reached yet?” “how does the place look” all while being miles away and nowhere close to have reached themselves (or any one else having reached the place). Mostly deflection techniques to avoid being asked the dreaded “why haven’t you reached yet?”

5. The “one red light away!!!”-er

They are SO NOT one red light away. In fact, they are probably 5 kilometers away.

6. The smart and “punctual” one (the one who always reaches 10 minutes after the scheduled time)

They’ve cracked the system and figured this is the optimal time for reaching. At least one other person would’ve reached (the over-enthu cutlet) and may be even 2-3 others and most are about to reach. Also this is probably when everyone starts thinking it’s legit to order a couple of starters without looking rude, so, perfect timing indeed.

7. The one who lands up when everyone is leaving

You know who they are. No further explanation needed.