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What to Wear on Mehendi, Dakshina |LookBook - Aathira's Dakshina

Editor’s note: We are back with another post from a very beautiful, and very candid bride on her preparations of her big day! In our LookBook series, we'll be covering two of her looks - her look for her pre-wedding function (Dakshina and Mylanchi) and her gorgeous wedding day look. In this post, we've asked her about her Dakshina day outfit and look. She ma[...]

Portrait Photography 101: Part Four - Casual Photoshoot Pose Guide

Ok so you’ve selected your location, chosen what you're wearing and you're all dressed up and have landed up at the shoot. Earlier posts in this series: 1. Portrait Photography 101: Part One – How to Pick a Location 2. Portrait Photography 101: Part Two – What to Wear 3. Portrait Photography 101: Part Three - Casual Make up for Photoshoots In [...]

How to Choose a Baby Photographer or Family Photography in Delhi NCR

Now, you may have several important questions in mind starting with - what on earth is Baby Photography or Family Photography and why should I get a session done for mine? I take a zillion photographs of my wife, husband, babies, granparents, their shoes, selfies of our movie outings and what not on my fancy iPhone and even on my fancier, bulky 54920238292 m[...]

How to Choose a Candid Photographer for Your Wedding

So the dates for your wedding/ engagement are fixed and you're ready to start researching (read: looking at profiles of zillions of) vendors and finalising them one by one. One of the most important services you'll be availing of for your special event would be the candid photographer/ contemporary photographer. This person would be responsible for not ju[...]

Portrait Photography 101: Part Two – What To Wear

Hello! This is the second post in the series Portrait Photography 101. Here's the first post in this series: Portrait Photography 101: Part One - How to Pick a Location Now, getting on with the mandate for this post - you've selected your location, next in line is attire. Clothes go a long way in deciding how well your photographs turn out. They will b[...]