Sneha Mohanty

Hello, I’m Sneha Mohanty, a contemporary photographer in Delhi (Gurgaon & Noida) for baby, kids, newborn, children, family photography and candid wedding photography.

I used to be a lawyer, and have worked for a few years as a corporate lawyer on tons of mergers and acquisitions, only to realise what I love the most lies in the realm of creativity! This lawyer turned photographer now lives a life wearing multiple hats – leaf photographer, head of branding and marketing, social media manager, finance head, legal head, etc.! As a candid photographer, my life today involves creating beautiful images for my clients, travelling and lots of time spent in post-production work. I love traditions and out of the box thinking all the same, and I’m constantly looking for new things to amaze me and my camera. I believe classy and elegant is better than trendy. My images have a timeless feel, and are aimed to be precious family heirlooms.

I love photographing people of all ages and sizes, and what I look to capture is true and genuine human expression and emotion. My style is contemporary, casual and effortless. I try to know the people I am working with before the shoot so as to make the best of the experience.

Take a peek into my world and please don’t hesitate from contacting me if you have any questions/ comments/ thoughts at all.


– Interview in Legal Reporter on my lawyer turned photographer journey: http://legalreporter.in/nlsiu-grad-quits-law-firm-to-pursue-a-career-in-photography-says-running-own-photography-venture-is-more-fulfilling/

– A heartfelt guest post on How I Found Photography: https://mirrorworkss.wordpress.com/2015/07/25/how-i-found-photography/


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