Couple shoots, pre-wedding shoots, post-wedding shoots, or just general love shoots, are meant for happy couples, regardless of how long they’ve been together, whether they’re married or not, whether they’re going to get married or not! It’s a regular casual photoshoot session through which we capture the joy and happiness of the couple!

Depending on the couple’s personality and preference, we pick an outdoor location for getting the most out of this fun session. The idea is to go out, have fun, be yourselves and let me document those precious moments.

My couple shoot sessions don’t involve rigid poses, or forced smiles. My approach is to let the people involved get involved with each other and in other fun activities outdoors which would let them have a good time, and I photograph them having a good time – with each other. When the people I’m photographing are enjoying themselves and having fun, a little bit of magic happens and we get those gorgeous, glowy photos of the couple.

Sometimes our pre-wedding shoots happen at a location which is of personal significance to the couple – say, the grounds of a particular college, or a library, or even a cafe (yes!)). We can even recreate the first time the couple met. Not only does that session yield genuinely happy and fuzzy photographs, it’s also a memory within a memory – which is extra special.

Many couples like to get their Save the Date cards designed around photographs of their own. Using pictures from your couple shoot session is a great way to immediately put those photographs in use!

The best part about couple shoot sessions is that there is no stress attached to the session. Weddings can be stressful. A hundred things have to be organized. There is always something or the other going wrong. That stress can at times show on the couple. That’s why it’s helpful to have already had a couple shoot done, or to do a couple shoot later on.

Couple shoots also make a great anniversary gift! What’s a better gift than that of gorgeous pictures and memories?!

This page has links to galleries of some of the couple shoots I’ve done in the past. Go ahead, explore them, and reach out to me to discuss how we can get together to create some beautiful memories for you!

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