Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory

Baby photography sessions are relaxed, photo shoots in the comfort of your home or an outdoor location. No matter how old they are, each baby has a unique personality, unique quirks and a charming sense of self.  I believe the most precious memories are of those very personal and real moments that your little one presents you with and charms you with every single day. That lazy, adorable yawn, that impish grin, the way they wink, they way they nuzzle at your face, their tiny finger wrap around you finger – I believe these are the moments and memories which are the most precious.

My baby photography sessions focus on capturing the magic of this phase.

My baby photography shoots are casual, real and relaxed in nature. There are not going to be unrealistic props, or forced smiles. The best images are those which show the joy and quirks of the baby. I capture their natural emotions and expressions, and freeze those moments when they’re in their element. Every baby needs some time to get familiar with a new person, so I make sure I spend some time getting to know him/her, and letting him/ her feel comfortable around me. It’s amazing what just a 5 minute bonding interaction with a baby can do. It can forge a new relationship.

Every baby photography session also involves capturing the baby’s interactions with the parents and vice versa. The way the baby rests her head on your knee, the way they look at you, your goofy playtime shenanigans – all of this is what makes their childhood precious, and this is what I make memories out of.

This page has links to galleries of some of the baby photography shoots I’ve done in the past. Go ahead, explore them, and reach out to me to discuss how we can get together to create some beautiful memories for you.

I take on baby photography assignments in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida (the NCR region). Depending on the shoot location, I travel across Gurgaon, Delhi NCR to whenever my clients are. I take on a limited number of bookings a month, please book in advance to get your desired date.

How it Works & FAQs

1.  What do we need to do to prepare for the baby photography session? 

Once you book your session with me, I will be guiding you on what to wear, and what to do before and during the session. The session will be centred around yours and your little one’s comfort zone. We will take our time and patiently, carefully create artistic pieces for enjoyment in perpetuity.

2. Where will the baby photography session take place?

Depending on the age of the baby, we would be shooting either at your place (suitable for newborns and babies under 3 months of age), or outdoors at a nearby park or one of the more popular parks in Delhi/Gurgaon, or both! This is something we would discuss in our pre-shoot consultation and decide basis your vision and your baby’s age.

3. I have noticed there are no props in your photos. Why is that?

I do not have a cookie cutter approach to photographing people’s lives and memories. I believe that every person (and yes, every single baby) is unique and I focus on creating timeless photos which capture the essence of your personality and your story.

4. What is the best age to do baby photography sessions? 

Every age brings with it a unique characteristic feature as the baby grows and blooms into a person. Here’s an article on the different phases and what to look forward to in each phase.

5. Do you also include photos with the parents in the baby photography session?

Yes, absolutely. At this age, the baby’s world revolves around her/his sweet parents and they’re the closest and most nurturing figures in her/his life. I focus on capturing and emotions and the interactions between the baby and mom, and baby and dad, and make sure that the story of this family is artistically preserved.

6. How do we select the baby’s and our clothes for the session?

I will be emailing you a guide on how to pick your clothes well before the session. Rest assured, they are simple but important tips which will increase the visual appeal of your photographs and get the best results.

7. What’s the pricing for a baby photography session?

You can see the base pricing here. Please leave a message or email us to know the exact prices.

8. Is there a separate package for twins?

There is a small additional charge for twins. Please leave a message or email us to know the exact prices.

9. When will we receive our photos?

We are as excited as you to share and see the photos from your session so we share a few preview images within a couple of business days from the shoot with you.

Depending on the package you’ve selected, you will receive your full set of digital photos within 2 weeks from the shoot, pen drive within 3 weeks from the shoot, album within 3 weeks of commissioning.

10. Do you provide albums?

Yes. We believe in creating one of a kind, timeless and gorgeous albums which are to be enjoyed and cherished across generations as a treasure piece of heirloom. See here for more on Albums.

11. When is the best time to book a session? 

I take on shoots on only 4 days each month, to ensure top-most quality and the best possible experience for the families I engage with. Please understand, we have limited session slots each month (only 8 per month), and they get filled weeks in advance. We work on a first come first serve principle. To avoid disappointment, please schedule your session in advance and reserve your slot.

The best time to book a newborn photography session is during the 8th or early 9th month. Newborn photography is best done in the first 15 days after birth, so it’s best to keep us posted on the tentative due date so that we block our calendar accordingly (and we would schedule the exact date after the birth of the baby).