Albums & More

Do you have wonderful photos sitting on your hard disk or a scratched old CD, gathering dust, ready to crash any time now?

Don’t risk losing your treasured images forever. Those moments will never come back.

Get your Wedding/ Personal Album made – have them put together in a beautiful Flush Mount Album to enjoy forever, passed down in your family as a cherished heirloom.

Coffee Table Book vs. Flush Mount Album

In this section, we’ll talk about the two major kinds of “albums” out there:

1. The Coffee Table Book

2. The Flush Mount Album

Let’s go through the key differences between a Coffee Table Book and a Flush Mount Album.

Core Strength and Binding 

Flush Mount Albums have a much stronger, finer and tighter core, making them far more durable in strength and longevity.

(Left) Coffee Table Book (50 pages) vs. (Right) Flush Mount Album (50 pages)

Coffee Table Book v Flush Mount Album

Soft Pages v. Rigid, Laminated Pages

Coffee Table Books carry soft, regular paper, whereas in a Flush Mount Album, each page is laminated and is completely rigid. The individual pages will not crinkle, tear or bend.

Coffee Table Book v Flush Mount Album

Bulging vs. Layflat

In a Coffee Table Book, the pages are bound with a pin in the centre. When opened up, they do not open up fully flat, but open up like a book (with a bulge near the spine). Flush Mount Albums, with their hard core, rigid, laminated sheets, open up completely flat (this also allows for creating gorgeous single spread layouts).


Coffee Table Book v Flush Mount Album

Flush Mount Albums

These Flush Mount Albums are premium, luxuriously crafted pieces of art in which each page is laminated. Forget tacky old designs… our albums are beautifully designed in a minimalistic way, keeping the focus on your photographs and allowing them to shine through our classic, timeless, elegant layouts.

Coffee Table Book v Flush Mount Album

Why this initiative?

We launched this initiative after I fell in love with Flush Mount Albums. I wanted every one I know to own one of these- because they are SO unique and timeless. I put up a call for requests on Facebook and I clearly mentioned that we’re accepting only five orders. However, we were stumped with the immensely positive response we got. We were flooded with queries and we ended up taking more than TWICE that number (we originally planned to fulfill the orders in a month, but had to stretch it out to over 2 months). It was insane, but I also realised that there are many people out there who haven’t gotten their photos curated and transformed into a worthy keepsake for perpetual enjoyment. That’s when I thought of making this a regular offering from our side. However, please understand that this is NOT our primary work. Therefore, we have limited time each month to devote to this project. Keeping that in mind, we take on only three album orders (those that are not from our photo shoots) per month. Please note that we work on a first come, first serve basis for this project. If you’re reading this post the 15th of a month, then chances are that we are already booked out for this month for albums. To book yours, email with the following details (copy, paste from here and fill in your email). Please mark the subject as “Album Enquiry“.


**Bookings for albums are closed at the moment – please check back in later**

  1. Name & contact number*
  2. Do you want your wedding photos or other photos made into an album?
  3. Are these photos mostly (a) photos from a professional photographer (b) photos taken with a camera (c) photos taken with a mobile phone camera? 
  4. Approx. how many images are there (100/150/200/250/300/350…)? 

*Your information will remain strictly confidential and we will only use it to correspond with you privately.

How it Works & FAQs:

1. How will I send my photos to you?

You can transfer the high resolution photos on to a pen drive and send it to us via courier. If you reside in Delhi NCR, you can personally drop it or have it sent through someone.

2. How many photos can I include?

This is wholly dependent on you and what you’d like to see preserved for the next generation in your family. To give you an idea, normally wedding albums contain 400-500 images (all events put together). Personal milestones like baby’s birthday/ baby’s first year/ kid’s first five years can have about 100-150 images.

3. Can I choose the cover?

Absolutely. We will send photos of cover options to you via email/whatsapp and you can select from the convenience of your home.

4. How long will it take for the album to be made?

It takes 3 weeks from receipt of photos and payment to get the album ready (provided we have space that month). If you reserve a slot for the next month, you’ll get your album within the first 3 weeks of that month.

The exact timeline will be confirmed with you at the time of taking your order.

5. How will I receive the album?

If you live in Delhi, you can have it picked up from us, or we can send it to you via courier.

6. I don’t live in Delhi. Can I still request for an album to be made for me?

Absolutely. We serve customers pan-India and would be happy to take your order. If you live outside India, extra shipping fee will apply.

7. I would rather have a Coffee Table Book, could you make that for me? 

Sorry, as of now, we are only offering Flush Mount Albums to those who haven’t gotten a photo shoot with us. Our clients are welcome to order Coffee Table Books and Flush Mount Albums.