Don't Disappear From Your Own Family Album and Family History

When kids grow up, they desperately want to see pictures of the family as a whole, the way in which they lived, their stories. They want to know individual stories and would like to know how their parents looked and behaved. Seeing family pictures forges a strong sense of connection and belonging in children. It inculcates a sense of pride and togetherness. [...]

Family Photography Delhi, Child Photography Gurgaon | Alisha and Family

This family photography session was one which was gifted by my client Shikha (see her super adorable son's birthday party here), Shivani's sister to her and her family. This was a child and family photography session where I the pleasure to photograph a little girl who can only be described as the most adorable, adventurous, curious, fearless, nature-loving,[...]

Frozen Theme Birthday Party at Kids Kraze

This post is all about a beautifully done Frozen theme birthday party. Frozen is one of my favourite movies, especially because it revolves around two sisters - Elsa and Anna - and lots of sisterly stuff that goes on in the movie. And Olaf, of course (the snowman with the carrotstick nose). Sooo, I was super excited about going to a Frozen themed party of co[...]

The Anticipation of Winter

I know that when it'll finally be here, I'm going to be cooped up in a ball of fur+wool, heating my socks covered feet in front of two heaters on full power, while thawing my freezing fingers around a hot mug of tea. But until then, it's the anticipation of feeling that first evening of sharp chills, getting to pull out my sweatshirts and shawls from the tru[...]