Editor’s note: The LookBook series is all about getting some honest answers from real women, who’ve been there, done that, and have sparkled on their big day (sometimes literally, but always figuratively ;)). Whenever I post pretty bridal portraits, I get a few questions asking me if I know who was the designer behind the clothes my bride wore, or where did they pick up that particular outfit from. So I thought answers straight from the pretty bride herself would be the most useful! Hope you enjoy this series, and hope to keep this particular series going if it gets a good feedback! So feel free to share the post if you found it useful.

The first this series is Shweta’s look for her Roka. Her roka ceremony was held in Chandigarh and she made the proverbial glowing ‘bride’ (albeit it was her roka ceremony). Read on to find out a major reveal about her make up.

The gallery of photos from her Roka is here  and the blog post with behind the scenes and the scoop on this fun, fun day in Chandigarh is here!

Location: Chandigarh

The look:What to wear for your roka ceremony, candid wedding photographer delhi

Candid Wedding Photographer Delhi NCR

What to wear for your roka ceremony, candid wedding photographer delhi

The Outfit & Accessories

  1. What did you have in mind when you were thinking about your look for this event?
  • A subtle colour
  • Good work
  • Simple and elegant
  • Something that can be worn at both day and night events.
  1. Where is this outfit from?
  • Designer Sanam Tamanna, Dubai
  1. Did you always think you’d find something here, or was it a chance find? Tell me more about your story of how you found this!
  • A chance find! My mom and I spotted her stall at a wedding exhibition at the Taj. I wanted a plain suit, but a heavy dupatta. Her collection fit perfectly into that criterion. The dull gold and pista colours blended in very well with a thin red lining.
  1. Were there other droolworthy outfits similar to yours, or would you say this was a unique piece at the store?
  • This designer has a very good knowledge of colour combinations. She uses really subtle colours that soothe the eye. The best part about her is that she doesn’t repeat her collection, so you know, what you have bought is certainly unique. Her emphasis on both design and handicraft is what really made me pick her outfit.
  1. Can you name some other stores which you’d recommend to to-be-brides for finding similar stuff?
  • Wedding exhibitions at Taj, Marriot, lalit etc, attract a pool of extremely talented designers.
  1. Were you comfortable in it? Yes
  1. Do you think you’ll be wearing this again?Yes
  1. Tell me where the jewellery items you’re wearing are from!
  • Tanishq

Candid Wedding Photographer Delhi NCR

The Make Up

  1. Who did you hair and make up?
  • Hair: Blow dry from Matrix Salon
  • Makeup: Myself
  1. Did you decide this look yourself or was it mostly up to the MUA?
  • Myself
  1. Tell me more about your experience!
  • I did not want to hire a makeup artist, because from my (limited) research I found that in Chandigarh they are super expensive and at most times made the look ‘cakeky’.
  • A very heavy makeup would not have gone well with my outfit. So I decided to learn from makeup artists online. I followed a YouTube video on ‘Spring Glow Look’, by Dulce Candy.  The look matched well with my outfit and the glow went perfect with the daylight.
  • I decided to pick up makeup products and brushes from varied brands. I felt that I could get the independence of choosing the products that would best go with my skin only when I do my own makeup. This option not being available at salons is what primarily persuaded me to go ahead on my own.

Editor’s note: I was present at her roka as her photographer. Usually, I enter the bridal room about half an hour to 45 minutes before she’s done getting ready, to get her ‘getting ready’ shots. However, Shweta wanted 100% focus and attention while doing her make up (such a brave girl!! I totally get the need to get your space when you’re ‘in the zone’!) so she only emerged after she was fully done. And of course, her sahelis and I swooned on seeing her in all her glowy glory!

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