Editor’s note: We are back with another post from a very beautiful, and very candid bride on her preparations of her big day! In our LookBook series, we’ll be covering two of her looks – her look for her pre-wedding function (Dakshina and Mylanchi) and her gorgeous wedding day look. In this post, we’ve asked her about her Dakshina day outfit and look. She made a radiant, traditional bride, yet had fun modern elements to glam up her look and make her outfit so completely unique. I absolutely LOVE her gorgeous blouse and those huge jhumkas. Here’s the interview where she spills the beans!

Aathira lives in Bangalore (and got married in Kochi).

The gallery of photos from her Dakshina and Wedding is here and the blog post is here!

The look:

Candid Wedding Photographer Delhi, Malayali Wedding(L-R: Anjali (Sister of the Bride), Aathira (the Bride))

The Outfit & Accessories

  1. What did you have in mind when you were thinking about your look for this event?

Since this was a small event at home, I wanted to keep it minimal. I wasn’t wearing the Kerala set mundu (white and gold two piece outfit that looks like a saree) for any event so my mum suggested I wear it and ask everyone coming home to wear it as well 🙂

  1. Where is this outfit from?

I think the saree is from Kasavu Kada, Cochin and the blouse material from Mysore Saree Udyog, Bangalore.

  1. Did you always think you’d find something here, or was it a chance find? Tell me more about your story of how you found this!

The Kerala set mundu is fairly ubiquitous and I was wearing a fairly basic version (I don’t like the more modern ones with patterns/colours) which you’d find in most shops. I wanted to wear a red blouse since I was not wearing red for any other event. I found this exquisite material at Mysore Saree Udyog and thought I’d experiment with a non-traditional blouse.

  1. Were there other droolworthy outfits similar to yours, or would you say this was a unique piece at the store?

You’d find the set mundu in most stores. The blouse material was available in pink and red, it’s possible you’d find something similar.

  1. Can you name some other stores which you’d recommend to to-be-brides for finding similar stuff?

Kalyan Silks, Fab India.

  1. Were you comfortable in it? Yes, it’s our traditional dress and I wear it for most festivals. The blouse material was mildly itchy.
  1. Tell me where the jewellery items you’re wearing are from!

Jhumkas from Bhima jewellers and bangles from Malabar Gold/Bhima Jewellers, Bangalore.

The Make Up

  1. Who did you hair and make up?

A lady from a local parlour came home and helped me with my hair. I did my make-up myself with ample help from you!

  1. Did you decide this look yourself or was it mostly up to the MUA?

Myself. I wanted a simple traditional look since I was leaving my hair partially open.

  1. Tell me more about your experience!

It was average. She used hairspray which made my hair feel plasticky and hard- I wasn’t too pleased with that. She draped the set mundu beautifully though.

  1. Please rate the pricing from a range of 1-5 (with 5 being super expensive).