Candid photography should be all about only candid shots, right? Well, I feel that I create some of my best work when I’m taking portraits of people. This roka in Chandigarh was all about capturing those fleeting moments…. and also about taking a whole lot of portraits of a set of very beautiful people. Shweta and Apoorv are two of the kindest spirits I’ve met (it really does show through in their genuine, heartfelt (and gorgeous!) smiles), and they and their family were such amazing people to work with. The function itself was preceded and followed by some fun indoor and outdoor shoot sessions!! Here are a few images from this wonderful day.

I take on wedding photography assignments in Delhi, Gurgaon (the NCR region), Mumbai, Chandigarh, and all over India. Some times, for out of Delhi weddings, the couple also requests for a couple shoot / pre-wedding/ post-wedding casual shoot of just the two of them either before or after the wedding. This session not only helps get some of the best photographs of the couple in a gorgeous outdoor location, but it also adds to the fun of the entire event.

As a candid wedding photographer, my focus is on people and not things. While I do capture details of the wedding and decor, the gorgeous work on the bride’s lehenga, and several other such elements which the couple and their families have spent months (and sometimes years!) planning, I don’t focus on the things. I make sure that apart from the bride and groom, I take a lot of candid shots of their immediate and super close family members and friends.  I capture everybody’s natural emotions and expressions, and freeze those moments when they’re in their element. I make sure I get the best angles and the most flattering photographs.

My candid photography and editing style is warm, and emotion-oriented. You can see my work by clicking on the wedding galleries above. The processing and editing process is an important part of my creative workflow. I personally process and edit each and every image with utmost care and attention so that every image I deliver is ready to use.

As a candid wedding photographer, I deliver images that remain special to the couple and their families not just right after the wedding, but for decades thereafter. The coffee table books that I create are aimed at becoming family heirlooms which the future generations can cherish.