Great so you’d like to get a portrait session shot or are considering one. Whether it’s a family photography session or a couple shoot,  you are bound of think of the possible settings. Where do you see yourself and your significant other/ family being photographed? Is it your house, a park, your office (?!), at a resort? Where would it be? To make this process of selecting the right venue that fits your personality and style a little easier, here are a few tips.

1. Know about the kinds of locations out there to pick from

The different kinds of locations out there which one can consider can be broadly divided into the following categories:

a. Natural (parks, gardens) – Parks and gardens will offer super beautiful backdrops for gorgeous, classic photographs. Lush green grass, floral blur in the background, gorgeous golden sunshine – that’s what you’re looking at. You can also get some amazing tree bark textures to work with, which could add earthy tones for variety in your photographs. I particularly love this setting for families with children bursting with energy – it’s easy to get the kids playing in the large open spaces, and grab some great candid shots of their genuinely happy and excited faces. Win-win!


Sital Family 1

Singh Khurana Family 12

Kanika + Aubrey 63

b. Rustic, Historical and Heritage oriented (sites like Humayun’s Tomb, Red Fort area) – These sites offer some very exciting rustic looking elements to work with (read: beautiful brickwork backgrounds and earthy backdrops oozing with charm). They are places which are classy and will add a touch of elegance to your photographs. For timeless, elegant photographs with lots of options for angles and shot setups, these spots are great!

Kanika + Aubrey 59

c. A combination of a & b – People in Delhi NCR have this added advantage that we can get the best of both a and b at some of Delhi’s most famous parks like Lodi Garden! It’s probably one of the city’s most popular venues for such shoots and should definitely make it to your shortlist!

Kanika + Aubrey 65

d. Urban (you’ll be surprised to know of several chic spots splattered across town) – Another potential setting which has become very popular in the West and is slowly making its way out here is the urban setting. Basically, your photographer would help identify some beautiful, charming spots right IN the city (say a beautiful boulevard, or a charming looking storefront with an interesting shutter, or even say a bus stand for some fun, quirky shots!) and create magic. These are more experimental in nature but the results are unique and personalised.

Yadu's Day Out 7


e. Indoors (your home, at a cafe) – The cosiest and most memorable atmosphere – your very own home. This works best especially if you’d like a smart, formal look for your portraits. Added bonus if you have plenty of natural light for the photographs to look their best!

2. Pick a location with ample natural light

The first and the most important thing to keep in mind while zeroing in on a location is the quality of light available. Natural light helps in creating the most flattering photographs. This is where all the outdoor settings trump indoor options, unless the indoor venues have oodles of natural light pouring in (read: large bay windows and suchlike). It’s important for you to discuss the time of the photoshoot in advance with your photographer so that they can do a venue reci and make sure that all potential spots have good lighting at that particular time of the day.

3. For family portrait photography, pick a kid-friendly location

“Kid-friendly” would really depend on your own child/ children, but basically pick a place with which your children are already comfortable. This will help a lot with helping them relax, and making sure they have a good time – which is the most important part! Usually kids are happy where they have large open spaces to run around, or play in.

The locations that I’ve mentioned in this post are indicative and there are of course a bazillion other kinds of places you could think of for your shoot. You can even go a small way outside of Delhi (like Neemrana) to get some really memorable and fun pictures, while also making a weekend out of it with your folks. I hope this helps every one out there who’s been thinking about picking venues for their shoot!

Singh Khurana Family 16

I’ll be doing a series on Portrait Photography, and the next in line would be on what to wear. Stay tuned!