Doing a baby photography session in the baby’s own back backyard is perhaps the best idea for such shoots! We did this portrait session for Yedhant and his mom at a park where he regularly goes to play. That meant we basically just sat back and watched him run around, making friends with other babies, waiting for her turn at the slide, generally trying to play around with the older kids in the park while we snapped away at opportune moments! I love that we were able to capture a wide variety of emotions in such a short span of time *double take*! We even managed to take some happy mom and baby portraits.

Baby photography projects involving toddlers is very little about sitting still or smiling for the camera, and a lot, lot more about just letting the toddler be and capturing those every day moments of joy. 12-16 months is a precious time (and also an incredibly cute time) which flies by! Freezing those moments and emotions for posterity is something that we here at Sneha Mohanty Photography just love doing!