Ok so you’ve selected your location and chosen what you and your family is wearing.

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In this post, I’ll be sharing some handy tips on make up particularly for casual portrait sessions. The aim for such sessions is to create effortless, gorgeous and warm memories which reflect your everyday moods and emotions.

By ‘make up’ I don’t mean caking your face up with beauty products. What I do mean is how to apply some basic products which will enhance your natural beauty, and will NOT look made up at all.

I’ve made a list of the things that greatly enhance your key features:

1. Compact

Not foundation, but just a simple compact. Keeps the sweat and oil at bay, and gives you a clear matte look – perfect for photographs, especially those taken in natural light. This easy, everyday product goes a long way in getting you through your session looking fresh throughout. If you want to up the game, use a large, round brush to apply it instead of the puff that comes along with the compact.

2. Kajal and/or eye liner

If you’ve got large eyes, skip the eye liner on the bottom lash line and stick to just lining your lower waterline. Too much liner can make you look a little unnatural. But a dash of kajal is an absolute must for most. If you’re lining your lids, you can choose to skip kajal altogether for that fresh, glam but casual look.

3. Blush

Using a neutral, peach coloured blush or any natural looking blush is an absolute must. It sculpts your face and is really, really effective in giving your face contours which is especially helpful for getting your best angles in photographs. Don’t ignore this one. Opt for a matte blush (apply with a light hand) and stay away from glitter!

My suggestion would be going with MAC Desert Rose or MAC Coppertone. I’ve seen these two shades suit most Indian skin tones beautifully and really help add that elusive natural flush.

4. Lip colour

Again, greatly helps in giving some basic contouring to your face. Adds an interest point in the photographs as well! Make sure you go with a mild shade. Though if you’re doing a classic winged liner look, then a matte red would be most suitable – but then you should take care to see that your clothes are complementary colours.

5. Discuss with your photographer

Points 1-4 are the basic make up tips to keep in mind before going in for your photoshoot. In any case, do remember to consult your photographer on styling because they would be able to provide you with more detailed tips based on the kind of photographs you seek to achieve and the location. Make sure you have this pat down to avoid disappointment later! I usually carry a sanitised brush and a pan of my favourite MAC products with me to shoots to touch up on my clients if I feel that would enhance their photographs. So don’t be afraid to ask your photographer for suggestions.

I’ll also be doing a more detailed post about make up for various occasions that which would optimize your photographs. Subscribe to the blog feed to stay on top of posts!