During the initial communication with clients, the biggest question they have for me is – how does the baby photography session work?

My baby photography sessions typically play out like this – I get to the venue a little in advance of our scheduled appointment, to scope out the best lit areas (if it’s not a venue where I’ve shot before), and to also scope out the light that day.  If I’m using any specific elements, then during this time, I also set those up, and mentally chart out the session. Then we’re good to go. By this time, the baby would’ve also arrived and I spend a few moments getting to know the parents and the baby. This is very important. Making a connection with the baby is a must and getting to know her/his mood, the way she/he responds to you and the parents is very important for the shoot.

The theme of my baby photography sessions is the baby and her/his personality. Every baby has something unique about her/him and my session captures that. Regardless of age, the focus is on creating natural, soulful images of that particular baby, particularly when she/he is her/his element!

Depending on the age of the baby, the baby photography session usually is about letting the baby engage in activities which are generally fun of her/him. For younger babies (younger than 6 months usually), I do the same, but with the baby lying down comfortably i.e. doing what they’re doing most of the time. For super young babies, I love getting those little hands and feet up close, that glorious plump cheek, and the light in their eyes. Depending on how the session is progressing, and how well the baby is responding to this new person with a large plastic face (read: camera + lens), I get the parents involved to play with the baby and get shots of their interaction. Sometimes the best shots are taken during this time. I love seeing and capturing this precious time spent together by the family. Since most parents are often not present in photographs of their babies (hey somebody’s got to take the picture), I make sure there are lots of fun happy family pictures in there.

Baby Photographer Delhi NCR

Baby Photographer Delhi NCR

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