Seriously. No. Stop already.

You’ve got to pick, sweet reader. You’ve got to prioritise, choose what’s really important to you and not what the world conditions you to believe is important for you.

Trying to do everything all at the same time is like trying to eat full serving portions at a buffet in a 5 star hotel. There are thirty things on display – you really think that little tummy of yours can fit, process, absorb, and enjoy all thirty of those dishes? NO! Try out tiny portions of your top 15-20, then stick to the 5 yummiest dishes. What you find yummy may be different from what your friend finds yummy – because, you know? You are different people and have different taste buds.

Same thing – with life. Pick what’s important to you. Being great at something is only fun, if it’s fun for you. Pick 5 things that you want to do

Here’s what I picked:

1. Being happy

2. Working on things that creatively and intellectually satisfy me

3. Giving people an experience of their lifetime and leaving behind a legacy to be enjoyed in perpetuity

4. Spending quality time with family, friends, on travel, on relaxation

5. Exercising

The top one “being happy” is like a test that I use before I take on a new project – will doing this make me genuinely, positively HAPPY? If the answer is not a resounding YES, then it’s not worth my time. The remaining 4 are things which I’ve picked to focus on. You would see things like “cooking”, “reading fiction”, “playing my guitar” is missing from that list. I picked exercise for something that I’d like to do every single day and honestly with the quality time entry, it’s really the only other thing I have time left over for right now. It’s really not “left over” time to be honest, because you see I’ve conscious picked it and scheduled it, out of the bazillion other things I could be doing. I can’t aim to cook everyday, I can’t aim to read fiction every day, hell I can’t play my poor old guitar (weeping not-so-gently in the corner, gather dust and completely in need of new strings) because I just don’t end up finding the time because the other things gives me more joy and peace. Wanting to do it all would leave me disappointed and frustrated. And that goes against entry 1.

I do have a second list, which includes things like “cooking”, “reading fiction”, “playing my guitar”, which I’d like to do when I have more free time, and I can take up these other activities once in a while. That’s for another post.

In the comment box, I want to hear from you about YOUR Top 5 things that you’d like to do Inspire me, please?