BO (that’s BlogOwner, the owner, curator, photographer, writer, producer behind this blog and site – for the uninitiated), is taking this post to introduce you brilliant readers to herself and do a little backstory here.

BO was born on a warm, October Wednesday morning (let’s please assume it was a beautiful day, okay? Okay.) in 1989 and since then she’s essentially more or less “lived in her own world“, chasing everything that feels good and beautiful, writing & creating to make people smile.

Most who’ve spent considerable amounts of time with her would attest that the degree of fondness she exhibits for chai & chocolate is uncanny – she could do with a lot less. She’s known to steal and finish every last bit of everything chocolat-ey in the house. Past victims like S (The Sister, and inspirer, mentor, Graphic Designer Extraordinaire) and V (college room-mate of five years, co-believer, studly ivy-league-grad-student lawyer, yogi and chocolate-cake-consumer of epic proportions) would attest to this, and current captive TH (The Husband, and cricket lover, football lover, F1 lover (basically [insert any sport (yes, even GOLF)]-lover), fellow chocolate-cake consumer and tolerator of all things inane which are brought forth by BO) would also attest – things made of chocolate have to be hidden from BO for their survival past 8 pm on a weekday.

BO went to law school, studied various legal things, graduated, was pretty happy to be in a corporate law environment. BO had always imagined herself in the corp-world, wearing a stiff suit and stilettos, being a total meanie to unsuspecting people across the table, and just generally huffing and puffing around importantly in corporate corridors. 3 years into a corporate law firm job, and several due diligences later, BO figured that she’s really not all that interested in being the huffer and puffer she imagined herself to be earlier.

With a nudge here and a push there, S counselled and convinced BO to give her true desires a shot and see where it took her. It was the toughest thing BO had ever done (including a rather grueling camping trip at the age of 13 – BO is so not the bare-essentials-only-camping type (more of the beach resort + mimosas type)). That exercise has done well for BO, for she enjoys a life of being around people at their happiest, capturing the essence of unique and truly wonderful personas and relationships, and that allows her to do 80% of her work from home.

BO’s love for travel knows no bounds. Not the take-a-backpack-and-travel-for-a-year with 5 tee-shirts and 2 pairs of jeans kind of travel. It’s got to be the whole experience. She loves staying in beautiful, relaxing places which speak of the local culture, she prefers a slower pace where one can really feel and absorb the vibe of a place. A pace at which you’d feel joyous to wake up at 6 am and go for a walk on the beach to catch the sunrise – not wake up at 6 am because your travel agent has prescribed a 6 am wake up call. She loves to try out local cuisine (but she is a very conservative eater – likes her food spicy, flavorful and fully cooked please. No sushi. No pigs. No cows.). Normally, watching a photographer on holiday at an exotic location is like watching a little toddler on 5 cubes of chocolate – they’re PSYCHED. Not yours truly though. She tries hard to resist the temptation of clicking every wonderful sight out there, and likes to simply be there (with her point-and-shoot and iPhone) and click photos of moments and memories for her personal albums to weave a story out of those images, to be relived and enjoyed over and over.

BO lives in the moment and likes visual imagery which reflects and evokes a feeling rather than a thing. She doesn’t use any external “props” in her shoots for that reason. She believes in creating timeless photos that capture the essence of the personalities in them and their unique vibe. She does not have a cookie-cutter formula for her sessions. Every shoot is different and unique, because each person she interacts with is different and unique. There’s something about them that’s screaming to be documented and preserved. That’s the creative energy that BO chases.