I’ve long been a religious chai-sipper. My head felt groggy, my mind not alert and my day wouldn’t begin in earnest unless I’d had that hot cup of sweet chai in the morning. During my corporate lawyering days, this was the first thing I’d reach out for in the pantry on reaching office. On weekends, I considered myself lucky if I got to have a yummy breakfast of paranthas and chai sitting on my bed, chatting away with my friend and flatmate.

My chai saga continued in my photography days, but I soon thought of cutting out chai because by then I’d started facing pretty uncomfortable acidity issues – which only gets aggravated by tea.

2 months of being chai-free, enter Green Tea.

A year ago if you’d told me I’d stop having normal sweet chai, and turn into a Green Tea Guzzler, I would’ve laughed my guts out. But now, I loveee sipping on this wonderful tea through out the day while I work away.

Incidentally, I discovered the yumminess of this tea while I was in Chandigarh and was hosted by Shweta! We woke up to this woody tea on the day of the Roka and I fell in love with how refreshing it was the same day.

Some times I mix in some other herbs like cloves or cardamom to add even more flavour. Basically, I’m addicted.

May be some day the food gods will listen to my prayers and convert this chocolate-lover into a fruit-lover?? May be one day, I’ll be raving about how I just loveeee apples (yurgh for now).

P.S.: The feature photo is of my evening snack – buttered oat toast with sunflower seeds + green tea.