I know that when it’ll finally be here, I’m going to be cooped up in a ball of fur+wool, heating my socks covered feet in front of two heaters on full power, while thawing my freezing fingers around a hot mug of tea. But until then, it’s the anticipation of feeling that first evening of sharp chills, getting to pull out my sweatshirts and shawls from the trunk, waiting for it to be cold enough to warrant a mug of cinnamon spiced hot chocolate at 10 pm which keeps me warm and fuzzy.

Winter is not my favourite season. As someone who used to carry a shawl to office even in May, I can vouch for my low tolerance for the cold. I am a coastal girl essentially, used to my humid summers and soft, breezy winters. But there’s something about balling up in woollens, waking up at 7 am (while its still dark) for those beautiful walks in the sun on a cold morning, eating fresh, juicy oranges out in the afternoon sun – these still excite me and make me look forward to winter.

The anticipation of a hill station holiday in the middle of summer – that’s precisely what I feel every October, for the upcoming winter. When it’s here actually, all I want to do is run back to the coast (any would do, thank you). But until then, it’s a good time to dream of sunshine through fog, gajar ka halwa, mint flavoured cocoa, navy blue sweaters and pretty pashminas.