Baby photography sessions often require me to work very, very hard to get the perfect moments, especially when the baby in question is an active little toddler who has just learnt the joys of walking (and running!). I run, I hide, I duck, I play, I make funny faces, I do everything in me to interact with the baby Рand every single time, they interact back with me (and my lenses ;)). So when I get back home, sit down to cull out the repetitive images and keep the perfect, precious ones, I feel an overwhelming sense of joy at the beauty that adorable little babies are, especially in their finest moments (of joy, laughter, curiosity, annoyance Рanything!).

Today’s baby photography session involved an adorable honeybun who just wouldn’t stay still… she was all about playing with everything and every one around her. It was a fast-paced and action packed shoot which I came back thoroughly satisfied (and a tad exhausted too!) from!