Hello everyone! I’m back with a new series. This time, I’ve covering the topic – How to Take Better Photos of Your Baby.

This particular post is aimed at moms and dads who have a camera of any kind. Be it a DSLR, a simple point-and-shoot, a fancy point-and-shoot, a phone camera. Any camera works.

1. Get down & shoot at eye level

Kneel down, and take photos at eye level of your baby. Shooting from above creates a distorted angle of vision from what you actually want to capture.

2. Switch that flash off

Don’t use the flash on your camera! Never. It will ruin a genuinely good shot, and may even make you baby cranky as this flash is direct and hits the baby right in their eye.

3. Keep distractions to a minimum

While photographing babies younger than 6 months who are mostly either on their back or their tummy, keep the distractions around them minimal. Remove those toys, get rid of the washcloth, and focus on playing with your baby while you click away!

4. Utilize your park time! 

Using natural light to photograph your little munchkin. These photographs will look wayyy better than any indoor photo.

 5. Take candids, Catch baby-parent bonding time

Take pictures of the other parent bonding with your baby. There will be a happy distraction for the baby (the other parent) while you click away those adorable pictures! Alternate with your partner!

6. Convert to B&W

In case you feel you’ve gotten a great shot but there’s way too much going on in the photo (distractions), try converting it to black and white to see if the reduced colour distraction helps isolate your subject (i.e. your munchkin).

In the next post, I’ll be talking about camera settings which can be used on a DSLR camera or any bridge point-and-shoot camera to enhance your baby photography skills!