Candid style baby photography sessions require large, happy, open spaces, and lots of great light. Luckily, for us here in Delhi Gurgaon NCR region, that’s not a problem at all. Even though we’re spoilt for choices, I’ve got my favourite spots and here’s a list of my top choices for shoot locations in Delhi and Gurgaon! These locations work well for ALL kinds of shoots.

Candid style photography requires the subjects being photographed to be free, relaxed and to be having a good time naturally. Large open spaces provide the best avenue for this! Not only would you be taken in by the beauty around you, it’s also a great time to get some fresh air. Fresh air in you = naturally happy and bubbly = Great photographs!

Regardless of the venue, the focus of the shoot is always on the main subject – the baby, the family, the couple, the people involved, their personalities and their real emotions. The background and venues are to complement that theme, and not become a theme of their own. Large open spaces provide exactly this, with minimal distractions!

Baby photography, family photography, individual photography, couple shoots – everything works well at these spots – hence these are my go-to options!

1. Lodi Garden

Without a doubt, this is my top choice! It suits my style of photography, and in fact I’ve developed my style by scouring sweet spots at this amazing property. It offers GREAT variety as well due to its sheer size. It also offers amazing backgrounds and textures for all kinds of moods. Lodi is also one of the cleanest and well-maintained public properties in the Delhi Gurgaon NCR region, and has well kept, well manicured lawns. No random wild shrubs here and there! During spring and summer there are gorgeous flowers all around, during autumn and winter there are beautiful golden leaves. We schedule our shoots in a way that we get the best spots and avoid the picnic parties that weekends tend to attract!

2. Nehru Park, Chanakyapuri

Nehru Park is another fantastic option for a quiter location – especially if you’ve GOT to do your shoot on a weekend. Nehru Park’s glorious, sprawling lawns are great for letting go of your toddler and letting her/him have a blast. Makes for some gorgeous photographs. Again, well-maintained, and very civilised.

3. Beautiful Parks in Saket 

Smaller but pretty parks like Shivaji Park and Qila Rai Pithora Park in Saket offer a lot of value (and fewer crowds) and charm all packed in one! Bonus point, they are pretty close to the Select CityWalk Mall complex, so after a fun shoot, you can easily head over for a fun evening out!

4. Your Local Neighbourhood Park

This also features in my favourites, especially for baby photography sessions, because this is YOUR baby’s Happy Place. This is a familiar place where the baby goes every day or every other day and recognises. So it’s always a good idea to do the shoot in this park, if it’s not too crowded. Some local parks can be too stuffy/ crowded with too many children. But there are many which are not! The latter are perfect.

Baby photography, family photography, couple shoots, individual photography sessions are all perfect for such natural, large open spaces.

I wonder what the folks in Mumbai do for park like open spaces?!

Baby Photographer Delhi, Baby Photoshoot Gurgaon

Baby Photographer Gurgaon, Baby Photoshoot Delhi

Baby Photographer Gurgaon, Baby Photoshoot Delhi

Couple Shoot Gurgaon, Couple Shoot Delhi

Family Photographer Gurgaon, Family Photoshoot Delhi

Family Photographer Gurgaon, Family Photoshoot Delhi