Even though no two baby photography sessions are the same, there are certain common contours that I like to stick to for my style of imagery, and certain simple do’s and don’t’s which help enhance the quality of the session!


1. Bring fun toys and elements which the baby likes interacting with on a daily basis.

2. Bring your casual look together – be comfortable! You’re out for a fun evening out, no point wearing those fancy clothes which make you uncomfortable. Stick with light and casual!

3. Bring lots of water – for your little one and for you! You may need it 😉

4. Bring some snacks for the baby. Always handy to have. You can also sneak in some munchies for yourself!


1. Don’t bring too many “props” for the session. The focus is the baby, and her/his personality, his unique style. You don’t want to see a random shiny headband on your adorable munchkin’s cute head 20 years down the line and cringe at vintage fashion.

2. Don’t bring along people who are not meant to be included in the shoot. You may of course bring along the baby’s nanny/ the help if required. Extra people at the session can be distracting for the baby and would result in sub-optimal results. Of course people whom the baby is close to and responds well to are welcome, but it should be known that they may be asked to take a break from the shoot scene if the baby’s interaction with the camera is being hampered by the presence of too many people.