Before every baby photography session, I make sure I do a pre-session styling call with the mom/dad to discuss their outfits for the shoot. I don’t use too many props or external items in my shoots. The focus in my shoot is the baby herself/ himself and her/his emotions and expressions. Hence, it’s important to keep the distractions to a minimum.

Here are my top tips for getting the best pictures of your baby from a baby photography session!

1. Solid Colours

Solid colours are the best for most photography sessions. If possible, pick a simple, soft coloured solid colour outfit for the baby! They blend nicely in the image and there are no distractions popping from areas where you want none.

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2. Minimalist patterns in a soft colour

If a solid colour is not possible, pick something with a light, minimalist print, preferably in only one colour. Soft, repeating patterns are better than those cute but not-suitable-for-photography all-over patterns! Baby Photographer Delhi NCR

3. Baby should be comfortable and used to wearing that

For a baby photography session, this is important. Make sure that the baby is used to wearing that or similar items of clothing. Some times you may have picked something which may seem uncomfortable to you, but may be comfortable for the baby (hurray!) so you can do a trial run by dressing her/him in that for an hour a day or two before the shoot to see her/his comfort level with that outfit. You never know!

4. Should be fitting the baby well 

In baby photography sessions, we like seeing the babies crawling and running about, uninhibited. The clothes that they’re wearing should not restrict them from being themselves!

5. Should not be covering too much of the baby (no onesies)

The point of a professional photography session is to get the cutest, adorablest, most beautiful pictures of your baby, so why cover their cute, soft arms and legs? Let them be comfortable and let their skin breathe.

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6. For girls, use cute clips/ headbands! 

I usually never have to say this, because every mom has an arsenal of cute clips ready in her purse before and during every baby photography session!