When I’m commissioned for candid wedding photography, my favourite time of the whole wedding is the bridal getting ready shots. It’s a time that loaded with emotion and anticipation. It’s a time when months and months of research, trials, fittings, scouting, boils down to that one breath-taking look. This is also the time when I create my favourite images. I love creating editorial portraits of the bride in her finery. At times I get a little closer with a longer lens and get the fine details on her maang teeka and the rest of her jewellery, the embroidery on her lehenga, the finer aspects of her hairstyle.

I’ve felt that being a female candid photographer, I’ve had an added advantage of being hardly noticed in a room full of young women scurrying around helping the bride look like royalty (and therefore getting those precious, undirected moments of pure elegance). Oftentimes, I’m called upon by the bride to help her choose the lip colour, or to generally review her make up until then and give feedback. I take such opportunities to quip in about what would look best in photographs and I’ve felt that has always enhanced a bride’s look in her images. Post shaadi, all you’ve got are images, so might as well make sure your make up is looking top-shop out there!

Candid Wedding Photographer Delhi