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Baby Photographer Gurgaon, Baby Photographer Delhi | Reyansh Turns One!

First birthdays are special. First birthdays are when parents celebrate their greatest blessing and also their struggles to get to this point. Commemorating a first birthday with a special, professional shoot is not only a fun way to add to your celebrations, but to also guarantee memorable, super cute photographs of your little munchkin. This particular [...]

Baby Photographer Gurgaon, Baby Photoshoot Delhi | Cherry on the Pie!

See the gallery here. A few days back, I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph this charming little lady. Meet.... Cherry! She was an absolute joy to photograph. Right from the time we started, she was all excited and smiles, playing with the grass and getting super happy about all the fun going on around her. She was a joyful, content and qu[...]

Portrait Photography 101: Part Four - Casual Photoshoot Pose Guide

Ok so you’ve selected your location, chosen what you're wearing and you're all dressed up and have landed up at the shoot. Earlier posts in this series: 1. Portrait Photography 101: Part One – How to Pick a Location 2. Portrait Photography 101: Part Two – What to Wear 3. Portrait Photography 101: Part Three - Casual Make up for Photoshoots In [...]