One of my favourite kinds of sessions are family photography, baby photography and child photography sessions may it be in Delhi, Bhubaneswar, Mumbai… or even Timbuktoo! These particular images were shot in Udaipur, Rajasthan. This gorgeous place not only has excellent backdrops, but also enough of large open and fun spaces for children to play around and be themselves. This basically means its party time for portrait photographers!

As I like shooting my subject in a candid, documentary style, where the subjects (babies, kids and/or adults) are being themselves and are in their element, I LOVE shooting kids especially because they’re usually unfazed by my camera (and me – but uhh well, that could also be because I’m all warm and fuzzy with babies and kids as I absolutely adore them ;)) and are the most delightful little creatures to photograph. It’s wonderful to really capture these fleeting moments which put a smile on their parents’ faces (and also everybody elses faces! Heck, who doesn’t enjoy looking at cute, cuddly baby and kid photos?!).

I leave you with these…. Share the love – leave your comments here and share this link with peeps who may love seeing some adorbs-y pictures – you never know who’s day you’re about to brighten!

Child Family Photography Delhi