Family photo shoots which capture the candid joy and fun, the interaction between family members and the proverbial good times. To get those great shots of the family enjoying themselves, they actually need to be enjoying themselves and cannot be stressed out about a “photo shoot” or being conscious of themselves.

To create and atmosphere where the family is most relaxed and in a happy zone, we essentially re-create a picnic like scene. Out come the durries and frisbees. There is potential for some chips and dip as well. It’s really up to the family. We just let them be themselves  – stay on the sidelines and capture the moments as they occur. We take five minutes here and there to get a few fun posed portraits. Tongue out smiles and whacky faces are totally appropriate and encouraged 🙂 In all the chaos (as it always is and anyone who’s ever been with a bunch of kiddos (or a single toddler) would attest) we also manage to get a few photos with those angelic genuine smiles and laughter. Then its back to… what were we doing last… playing frisbee? playing catch? running around in utter excitement?… yes it’s time to go back to that. And we document pieces of that madness as well. To see a few family photo shoot galleries, click here.

Do we use props? No external/unnatural props. Yes the kiddos will probably be playing with their own playground ball/ frisbee/ teddy/ whatever it is that that particular kid enjoys. Whenever parents bring along cutesy things to go with their shoot, we happily oblige. We like keeping our sessions natural and emotional. We preserve family histories. We seek to capture stories, emotions and bonds. We want to make you think about and immediately recall moments and anecdotes when you see these pictures 20 years from now. We don’t want any cringing at strange objects (which may be considered tacky/out of fashion then) which don’t form a part of your personal history.

If it’s a mini session, we do the same, but on a fast forward mode. We will probably have you play one game instead of 5. We will get 2 great family portraits with straight smiles instead of 10. It’s an express version of the full blown 2 hour custom photo session experience. To know more about these sessions see here.  To enquire about availability, click here.