This was a super special shoot. Neha and I had been speaking for months about scheduling the shoot. The first time around, she fell ill. The second time, I did. The third time, it started raining. But we stuck on, persevered, rescheduled the shoot to that afternoon and the Weather Gods rewarded us with soft golden light, a light breeze and wonderful shoot conditions!

This was a post wedding couple shoot. Neha wanted a wedding style shoot and so we did. I did a lot of the shots I do with my brides during their portraits session on the wedding day. Neha had specifically gone shopping for the shoot, had arranged the flowers and prepped for the shoot the way a bride preps for her wedding day. It was a super special shoot for me and I’m glad and honoured to have been a part of this.

We shot at Lodi Gardens on a Sunday afternoon – that’s right folks, it was PACKED. Props to Neha and Supreet for staying unfazed by the numerous onlookers and people watchers.