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Couple Photoshoot Delhi, Gurgaon | Pre Wedding Shoot Delhi, Gurgaon

This was a super special shoot. Neha and I had been speaking for months about scheduling the shoot. The first time around, she fell ill. The second time, I did. The third time, it started raining. But we stuck on, persevered, rescheduled the shoot to that afternoon and the Weather Gods rewarded us with soft golden light, a light breeze and wonderful shoot co[...]

Family Photography Delhi, Child Photography Gurgaon | Alisha and Family

This family photography session was one which was gifted by Shivani's sister to her and her family. This was a child and family photography session where I the pleasure to photograph a little girl who can only be described as the most adorable, adventurous, curious, fearless, nature-loving, and at the same time understanding and willing to indulge her parent[...]

Baby Photography Delhi, Baby Shoot in Delhi, Gurgaon | Amaira

Photographing adorable little Amaira was one of the most fun baby photography assignments I've done. Incidentally, this turned out to be the first time she climbed staircases - so it made the time spent with her and her mom, Shefali, even more fun and memorable. This little powerhouse of energy was the happiest when left to her own devices - happy and active[...]