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Couple Photoshoot Delhi, Gurgaon | Pre Wedding Shoot Delhi, Gurgaon

This was a super special shoot. Neha and I had been speaking for months about scheduling the shoot. The first time around, she fell ill. The second time, I did. The third time, it started raining. But we stuck on, persevered, rescheduled the shoot to that afternoon and the Weather Gods rewarded us with soft golden light, a light breeze and wonderful shoot co[...]

Pre Wedding Shoot Delhi, Couple Shoot Delhi | Ashrita and Sasidhar

Pre wedding shoots and couple shoots are meant to be full of spontaneity, being comfortable and true to each other. This shoot was all about letting this happy couple be themselves and enjoy themselves on a beautiful summer morning. This pre wedding shoot was shot at Lodi Gardens. Creating warm, happy memories of people in love is all that this is abou[...]