My method of adopting the documentary style of portrait photography has yielded fantastic results in child photography and family photography sessions with young children. The run around, play and have fun doing their thing, while I snap those wonderful, gorgeous emotions (and shenanigans). I find the results from this approach a lot more genuine, candid and keepsake worthy than the method of posing young children for portraits. What you get are images which see through the soul of the child. Images which tell a story. And as a bonus, I feel very connected with the kids this way. They have a fun fun time (who wouldn’t want a 2 hour long no holds barred play session?!) and the parents are also relaxed and just enjoy the experience of spending quality time with the kids.

I take on kids photography assignments in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida (the NCR region). While we discuss the location of the shoot to select a suitable spot, I usually recommend choosing a slightly largish area (a garden/park) where the kids can be free to play around and be themselves. I mostly travel across Delhi NCR to whenever my clients are and we usually do the shoot somewhere close to their house. Of course, if the kids are up for it, we plan a fun day out at amazing locations like the Lodhi Gardens, Nehru Park in Chanakyapuri etc. and have a ton of fun at the shoot!

The whole idea about my kids and children photoshoots is that they’re casual in nature. There are not going to be excessive props, or instructions to the kids to do certain things. I capture their natural emotions and expressions, and freeze those moments when they’re in their element. We basically make a picnic out of it, and photograph those moments of joy, laughter, craziness and preserve this precious phase of a family’s life.

Every child photography session also involves capturing the child’s interactions with the parents and vice versa. This is a very important part of every session and I make sure that I get the best out of this. Some of my best work is of this precious bond, frozen in time.

My kids photography shoots are all about having fun (for the kids AND the parents!), to sit back, and just be yourselves, while I run around capturing those precious moments.

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