Newborns photography is generally known for posed photographs with lots of props and fabrics. My approach to newborn photography is different. I don’t use props, and I don’t set up the baby. I capture the baby as is, and the parents interacting (or trying to interact) with the baby. Their newfound bundle of joy, just the way he is – is what I photograph. Their genuine emotions and their gratitude to be holding that precious little bundle in their hands, that’s the joy I want to preserve forever. The tiny hands and feet, the wrinkled skin, the innocent face, the smiling while sleeping – those are the things I want to preserve as memories of a baby’s early days.

Tejveer was really not a newborn. Even at 3 months, he was so active, and was fully communicating with his parents through his own language! He was almost as active and out and about as a 6 month old – just without the ability to sit up or flip on his own. But his parents did a fabulous job of playing with him while we shot our session.

I take on newborn photography assignments in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida.

My style of newborn photography is lifestyle-editorial, where I take photos which largely not posed, and show genuine warm emotions.