Newborn photography is about capturing the newborn’s first few days in this world. Her eyes, his cheeks, her toes, his little fingers, their unpredictable expressions in their sleep, their cries for when they’re hungry, sleepy, burpy or need to be changed, and their parents dedicated and strong sense of love and bonding with them. Parents are as important a part of a newborn photography session, as the newborn herself/himself. Mom’s gentle touch, dad’s newfound playfulness – all of this is part of the exciting, thrilling, scary and fulfilling experience that a newborn baby brings with her/him – best captured raw, and natural, preserved for eternity.

Rosy cheeks, adorable yawns, peaceful smiles… Sneha and Nitin welcomed this adorable bundle of joy a month ago, and he’s just the most precious little angel. This session was shot at home, telling the story of little Siddhant’s natural vibe at less than a month, amongst those who love him to the moon and back.