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How to Choose a Baby Photographer or Family Photography in Delhi NCR

Now, you may have several important questions in mind starting with - what on earth is Baby Photography or Family Photography and why should I get a session done for mine? I take a zillion photographs of my wife, husband, babies, granparents, their shoes, selfies of our movie outings and what not on my fancy iPhone and even on my fancier, bulky 54920238292 m[...]

Baby Birthday Photography Delhi | First Birthday Party Ideas

A few weeks back, I had the opportunity of shooting little Amaira's first birthday party. I've made a list of the adorable elements from the party which kept the focus on the kids there and made sure they (and the photographer - i.e. me!) had a fun, fun time. If you're planning your baby's birthday party, read on for some ideas which you can incorporate in y[...]