Maternity photography is very special – it preserves some of the toughest, happiest, precious, fleeting, craziest, and  most emotional times in a woman’s life.

For me, maternity photo shoots are not about dressing up just the belly, but also getting those memories of the pregnancy preserved. It’s about tastefully capturing those moments of joy and pain, of happiness and crazy cravings!

This was a very special maternity photography session, because the mom-to-be is a very dear friend of mine. She’s had a tough pregnancy, which she smiled through, and even did a shoot with me (at her mom’s house, where she’d been on bed rest for weeks). It was a really fun shoot and it was truly reflective of life during those months when you’re taking care of the little one inside you and are taken care of by the ones who love you so so much 🙂

This maternity photography session was shot at Neha’s mother’s house because she was not allowed much movement during the second half of her pregnancy. This was a comfortable shoot where we shot for 10-15 minutes, took breaks (and took shots in between shots of those very real moments), and captured the essence of Neha’s pregnancy.

The blog post on this shoot (behind the scenes stories, details, etc.) is here.