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Baby Photographer Delhi, Baby Photographer Gurgaon | Moments of Joy

Baby photography sessions often require me to work very, very hard to get the perfect moments, especially when the baby in question is an active little toddler who has just learnt the joys of walking (and running!). I run, I hide, I duck, I play, I make funny faces, I do everything in me to interact with the baby - and every single time, they interact back w[...]

How to Choose a Baby Photographer or Family Photography in Delhi NCR

Now, you may have several important questions in mind starting with - what on earth is Baby Photography or Family Photography and why should I get a session done for mine? I take a zillion photographs of my wife, husband, babies, granparents, their shoes, selfies of our movie outings and what not on my fancy iPhone and even on my fancier, bulky 54920238292 m[...]

Baby Birthday Photography Delhi | First Birthday Party Ideas

A few weeks back, I had the opportunity of shooting little Amaira's first birthday party. I've made a list of the adorable elements from the party which kept the focus on the kids there and made sure they (and the photographer - i.e. me!) had a fun, fun time. If you're planning your baby's birthday party, read on for some ideas which you can incorporate in y[...]