Monthly archives:September 2015

India Travel Photography | Wanderlust Strikes

Wanderlust strikes when I have some time on my hands to browse through the web... which invariably takes me to TripAdvisor... and then to destinations and after some googling and staring at beautiful beaches, glorious architecture and cute cafes, I am led to google flights and hotel availability and do all the planning a trip could need, except actually book[...]

Falling Back in Line

It's not about how many times you fall, but about how many times you get back up on your feet. Corny, but so true. For everything. It helps if you've got a few helping hands around who pull you up. I'm so lucky and grateful to have such wonderful people by my side who never, ever let me stay low. <3

Some Changes are for the Better

I've long been a religious chai-sipper. My head felt groggy, my mind not alert and my day wouldn't begin in earnest unless I'd had that hot cup of sweet chai in the morning. During my corporate lawyering days, this was the first thing I'd reach out for in the pantry on reaching office. On weekends, I considered myself lucky if I got to have a yummy breakfast[...]